Welcome to The Forest Beyond

The Forest Beyond – Game Development Blog

What you are currently watching is the development blog for a new game project which is titled “The Forest Beyond.”

Andreas Husballe
Andreas Husballe and son, inspecting the newest prop.

The Forest Beyond is a children´s game that uses classical stop-motion techniques to make it´s animation, meaning that the entire universe is handcrafted. The result is a product with a very refreshing look and feel, something you rarely see in the gaming industry.

The project is being developed by the dynamic duo Noisy Neighbors which consists of the super talented character designer Andreas Husballe and award winning stop-motion animator Christophe Peladan.

Christophe Peladan
Christophe Peladan working away on the main character of the project.

The game will be developed for iOS and Google Play, and as you can probably tell, will mostly be targeted towards a young audience.  The game will delve into themes like exploration, curiosity and emotions, which will inspire some very imaginative visuals and characters.

On this blog you will be able to follow the development of this project.  We will aim to bring you daily updates about everything from the crafting of the physical characters and props, all the way up to the more digital aspects.

So for any lover of handcrafted props, good design, games and classic stop-motion animation, stick around, because you are in for a treat.