Busy week at The Forest Beyond!

As mentioned in the last update, with the main props and characters ready for action, the first  animation tests took place this week. We can not wait to share the results with you, but you will have to be patient for little while longer.

2016-04-14 18.07.36
Phew, building an entire world can be hard work.

The week started out strong when Andreas Husballe visited a local kindergarten in order to test The Forest Beyond on the projects target audience. He returned with a much clearer picture of the universe´s current strengths and limitations.

2016-04-14 18.02.32
Christophe and Andreas are always busy designing new assets for the project.

The children responded very well to the visuals, but it turns out that alteration to the games difficulty level will be necessary. The target audience were capable of a lot more than first anticipated, which of course will open up for even more possibilities for the game.

Arsenalet is a creative growth environment located in Viborg, Denmark.

Today The Noisy Neighbors presented the project at the monthly common breakfast at Arsenalet, giving other creative developers the chance to ask questions and come with feedback.

With this new knowledge The Forest Beyond will keep moving forward, expanding on the universe, adding more characters and work it´s way around to the first animation cycles. Stay tuned if you want to learn more, as we are more than happy to share the details about this game production.

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